Feedback from the Residents

Responses from Vaaloewer Residents


On Monday 16 June three young boys from the township took it upon themselves to borrow a kayak and go onto the river. The kayak capsized and the one boy was carried, unconscious up to Candy’s where the staff pushed the panic button. Bataleur were there in two minutes, Monique in three minutes and the ambulance from ER24 was there in 15 minutes. The boy’s life was saved and he was taken to hospital in the ambulance suffering from hyperthermia.

My thanks to all involved for the efficient and effective way that this happened.

I received the following e-mail from Carol at Candy’s.

“Hi Carl,
Very impressed with the response we got on Monday evening, medics & Bataleur arrived within minutes to help the little boy who nearly drowned. The ambulance also arrived about 10 mins later. Bravo and thanks  for the good work.

Carol “