Safety Tips

Here are some valuable hints and tips to bear in mind:

Safety begins at home:

 Install and use good locks on doors and windows

 Don´t hide keys under the doormat, in the mailbox or in a pot plant. If needed, leave a spare key with a family member or a trusted neighbour

 When service or delivery people come to the door, ask for identification and check with their company if you´re still not 100% certain about their identity

 Make sure that the street number on your house is large, well-lit and unobstructed so that emergency personnel can find your home quickly when needed

 If you decide to install an alarm system, consider one that is monitored for burglary, fire and medical emergencies

Stay safe when you go out:

 Preferably go out with family and/or friends rather than on your own

 Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or valuables but carry a cell phone which you can use in an emergency. Programme in an emergency number

 Avoid walking early in the morning or late in the afternoon and try and avoid isolated areas

 Always let someone know when you are going out alone – a neighbour, family member or complex guard

 Always keep your handbag closed and close by and keep your wallet in an inside pocket. Petty criminals know that the elderly prefer cash to credit cards

 When shopping, never leave your purse unattended in your trolley, even for a second

 It is advisable to use a direct deposit service for Social Security and other regular cheques

Don´t fall for con artists´ tricks:

 Be wary of offers if they sound too good to be true, such as a free vacation, miracle cure, sure-fire investment, etc.

 Be wary of anyone requesting personal information such as your credit card and/or banking details. If necessary, ask them for their details and call them back once you have verified that it is a legitimate request

 If someone tries to rush you into signing an insurance policy, sales contract or any other contractual agreement, be suspicious. Read the documentation very carefully, and if possible ask a trusted friend or an advisor to check it too.